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If you intend on travelling to Bhutan or you're looking at a potential currency exchange, knowing more about the Bhutanese currency is necessary. Whether you're travelling from India or another part of the world, this is everything you need to know about the Bhutan currency.The currency in Bhutan is known as the ngultrum. The monetary symbol when referenced at an exchange facility is "Nu." Should you decide to look the currency up through a Forex trading service, it will either be listed as Nu or under the code "BTN" (short for Bhutanese Ngultrum). A single Ngultrum is divided into 100 Chetrum.

Anything under Nu. 1 comes in coin form. All paper denominations include the Nu.1, Nu. 5, Nu. 10, Nu. 20, Nu. 50, Nu.100 and the Nu. 500. As the value of the bill increases so too does the size (while the Nu. 500 is slightly smaller than the Nu. 100, it is not commonly circulated). There is also a recently released Nu. 1,000 bill, although much like the Nu. 500 this is rarely used in day to day life.


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ATMs are located within all main towns throughout Bhutan, where money can be withdrawn using a Visa or MasterCard. For concerned travelers a list of ATM locations throughout Bhutan is provided in the following links.